TTS future


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After careful consideration, I have decided to relieve myself of the TTS RRA duties.

Due to family obligations and struggles I have not been able to put forth the effort required of me to continue the TTS class.

This decision has not been easy.

If anyone else has interest in stepping up and taking over the RRA duties of TTS, please post or contact me.

Bill Thompson


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TTS Turbo True Street
The original intention of this class was made around the average street car build up, giving many different build styles a place to participate.
The rules posted above in the original heading are there to help level the playing field. Designed to be a mid to low 10 second class.

RRA Racing Rule Administer
The person who helps and guides the racers. May include getting sponsorship, helping organize/communicate with the GSCA, and other events, oversee/ help settle any peer tech discrepancies. Also helps with the rule voting on changes.