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hi,as original owner,i finally decided to fix car properly and am looking for good shops in ontario,shoud'nt have to go to the states!.i'm aware of agressive in detroit but there's gotta be someone up here..thanks..paul..
Where are you and what do you want to do?
hi,i'm in the north bay area and i've been through most of the stuff guys do to these cars,i've gone 12.10@114mph but that 20yrs ago,now i just want to sorta enjoy the car and put a few summer miles on it,go to a few cruises after all i did go to bowling green 3 times(91-92-96) and also in '99 in ohio.ken seggie from t.o. worked on it in '96.putting it on a chassis dyno would be the thing to do to get it right.is there still one in newmarket?i have the old turbo-link to tune.there are reportedly 6-7 turbo regals in sudbury,still 4 in north bay!..
join the group... turbo buick owners of southern ontario... on Facebook.

i have a hard time trusting anyone local to touch my car... however I'm about a hour away from aggressive and full throttle.... paying the little bit extra for the exchange always makes me feel comforted as they specialize in buicks....