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Dale G

Sep 17, 2002

I posted this same thread on another board but it's getting late and I'm looking for some input

Car is stock unopened. stock turbo and intercooler original valve springs low kms, walboro 340 with hotwire kit pro torque 2800 stall k/n afpr and a factory chip, I do have a no name burned chip from 2002 but took it out because of the same issues and an old Thrasher chip.
Log shows injector duty at over 100 and low 02s even though fp set at 46 psi line offand verified 1 to1 fuel/boost. Boost is around 15ish

Thanks for your input


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Okay I'm goin look at your log but I would recommend you get some injectors and a turbo tweak chip . I would get 60s if not 80s so you just have to buy them once . 80s run perfectly fine on the street with the turbo tweak chip programmed for them .
I would not go wot till u get some injectors . Your injector duty cycle is over 130 . All it takes is a super lean condition and then you will not have a unopen block anymore u will be joining the head gasket club .

I don't understand why the duty cycle is so high and the low 02s, it's a stock set up running about 13.80 in the 1/4 with a walboro 340 pump that was installed around 2002 with around 5000 km put on since then, Car has always been stored properly with all spring cleanings. Could it be the injectors are bad ? Car idles ok