turbo 400 end play


i have everything all together and i dont have any reference as to what an acceptable amount of endplay is. what do you guys recommend? i should be able to just shim the bottom of the pump, right? add another thrust washer?
right now with the pump bolted in, while pulling up on the forward drum shaft i have .65 of endplay. it seems like waay too much. any input on this is greatly appreciated. i want to make sure everything is a-1 on this thing since its going to see alot of abuse.
.65 is alot .are you sure you dont mean.065"?if it is .65 you left something out if it is .065" you must get a thicker selective pump endplay washer..005" is what to shoot for.
Make sure you are pushing the output shaft forward as you're checking the front unit endplay. I shoot for .010 to .020".
Yes, for the front unit endplay. The rear unit endplay is adjusted with the thick steel washer at the rear of the case.