Turbo 6 Racing Club



Hey everyone!

Thank you to all who showed up to the last meeting. I think we have a great group of people and I always look forward to seeing everyone. Every meeting has been getting more comfortable as friendships continue to grow and as new one's are formed. Spouses are always welcome, if you were not sure.

The next meeting of the Turbo 6 Racing Club will be at 8:00 pm Wednesday Sept. 12 at Alphy's in Lynnwood, 4820 - 196 Street SW.

I am so happy and excited. Without spilling the beans too much I have to let you know that one of our members recently became if not the fastest but one of the fastest production block v6 Grand Nationals in the world. He ran 9.90, 9.94 and 9.96 on Saturday in Mission, B.C. Come out to the next meeting and help us celebrate our first 9 second member.

I would also like to announce the first public gathering of the Turbo 6 Racing Club. We can discuss this in greater detail at the next meeting but just to let you know in advance. It will be on Sept. 15 at the 4th Annual BOP Drags at Bremerton Raceway. For further info see: http://www.bremertonraceway.com/
We also have other members of the club that are organizing a "Club Cruise" and possibly a picnic.

See you at the next meeting.

Kenneth Gund
how far is it up there from boise you never know i may need to take a ride

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Kenneth Gund

I was thinking about coming over to your race....then I looked at the Bremerton.com webpage. They said only full exhaust on all cars.

How tight are they on the teching? Will just a downpipe exiting under the car do?

I can't help you out. I have never been there. Best bet would be to call them. I know a couple of the guys in the club were there last year but they never said anything.