turbo and chip


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Feb 1, 2004
TA-60 turbo- $250 shipped.
I am relisting this again, buyer never sent payment or replied to my PM. It worked great on my car, but I highly recommend you send it to Limit Engineering for a rebuild. Possible oil contamination from a wasted rod bearing, and it looks like the compressor wheel made a little contact with the housing. Never leaked oil or smoked, and no stripped/broken threads or studs. Great mid 11 sec turbo with only a 2800 stall. Wastegate actuator not included.

Turbo Tweak 93 alky chip- $50 shipped
For 50lb injectors, 23-25 psi. Version 5.5.

Paypal or money order only

Hi there,

I may have blown my turbo. I am having it looked at on Tuesday and I might be interested in yours. Can you send me detailed pics to ravijdpersad@yahoo.ca
Any smoking issues? Any other issues with??

Thanks alot,


p.s. I am a serious buyer.
turbo and chip

the mailman just delivered the tt chip. thank you so much I,M headed to the beach.so the ecm can learn the chips program and i can sred my tires.and pick on mudstains thanks again jolly 460 a pleasure to do business w/you:D