Turbo Buick parts


Darkside Member
Dec 21, 2005
I decided to go TH400, so Im selling my 200 4R. I had it built with all the good parts.
Hardened shaft, kevlar bands, billet servo, etc...$1000

And pretty soon, I will have a few more things to go.
-MAFTpro with an extender pro chip, and plug and play harness from Caspers electronics---$400
-50 # injectors(6), flow matched from Precision Turbo-----$175
-PT6776S, freshly rebuilt-------$700
-109 block---$250
- an 85 turbo block, not sure of the stamp number off hand------$200
-3 sets of 8445 heads(stock, not ported)-----$50/pr

Im sure there will be more when I get to the boxes in the garage. Im waiting for the new parts to come in to take the injectors, chip, and MAFTpro off.

Local pick-up for trans, blocks and heads
Joeys Transmission built it.
It has the Redline clutches. When I took it to him, I told him I wanted a trans to handle 10.00's. The trans got the best parts available. I used it for a summer (about 1K miles and 5 passes). When I decided to build a new motor, I had a TH400 here too that I decided to build at the same time. Worked flawless, only pulled for the new combo to go in.