how many going so far

well let me know where you guys are meeting here near the bay or in sac its tomorrow right ?????
I would like for us to park together.

I like right behind the stands at ~500' mark.

buickv6turbo, I believe I'll be leaving San Mateo at ~12:30 to pick up Ed, rolling into Fairfield/Mizzi's at ~2ish, leaving there by ~3ish.

Save me a spot Dean if you can. Ill buy you a Dog and a soda for your services. Ill bring the parts and the cash for you. :biggrin:
so i wanted to know hows it looking anybody driving from near oakland out to sac let me know if not can somebody save me a parking spot so i can park next to the rest of the buicks anybody want to cantact me feel free
LUIS-510-206-8223 IM JUICED!!!!!!!!!!
Lets all meet in the pits. Easier for everyone. I say whom ever arrives early see it we can get some spaces saved. Looks like I cant leave work till 3pm.
wow seems like its gonna be fun!... wish I could take the buick but just found out yesterday it doesn wanna start!
maybe ill go in my other car if that's cool, hey at least its a g body. if I decide to go
can I meet you guys at dennys or where else?
and at what time?

never met anyone so ill be a new face to you guys hehe
i should be there at 4 430 at the latest save me a spot not the neatest gn but its in the works if anyone is meeting to drive out there let me know ??????
grudge fest

I only saw 3 gn's race, weren't there more going??
anyways it was fun. next up aug 22 who's going??...j/k
Ed was there doing some low 11 passes. Who was the one that he raced later that night with the black mesh wheels. That race was a good race.
That was Shane. If I didn't spin the tires on the start, I might have gotten him. His car was running like a champ. Best race of the night. Too bad I lost.... :redface:
It seemed pretty quick for stock tires. I saw your last runs and thought you had some issues. I had my daughter with me and she was being fussy.
racing ed

that was my buddy shane he's shizzle on here. yeah he told me about the race with ed, now imagine if he got a transbrake so he can launch with more boost off the line, better reaction time (he's was like a second), and put some DR's on, i think he would have a 10 second car. me and shizzle were just out here today playing with our TR's in hayward looking for victims but couldn't find any.