It seemed pretty quick for stock tires. I saw your last runs and thought you had some issues. I had my daughter with me and she was being fussy.
It was running perfect the first 3 runs then all of a sudden knock at 35mph 13.3 deg 02 was @ 740-760,and then the rest of the night all bad got worse. I think its a fuel issue going to try and figure out tomorrow. I have an exhaust leak on the d.p to turbo housing that prob had somthin to do with the knock also.
19lbs first two runs, then 20lbs the last 3. 20lbs is nothing for my turbo I upped the fuel on the regulator also so I don't the problem. I going to hit some back roads tomorrow and test and tune and see what results I get on the scan master. I was planning on going to the track wed night looks like that's not going to happen :mad:
Sorry I missed out guys. Did get my header all welded up and pretty though. But I pulled the plugs and they were white so I flaked out. Did the Fords show or were you guys running each other?
I was talking to another member here on Saturday. It might be worth to try Infineon on a Buick meet. Its not worth trying to get races off. I think the best move is to get a meet, cruise, race and barbq day at the track. Any thoughts?
good idea

i second that it would be good to just have buicks there at the track it would be a good cruise from hayward area to sonoma we can pot luck meet and mingle that would be nice?????????????
Fixed the problem I'm back in the game, running like a champ again. When are you guys meeting next I'm down to go?
What was the problem?
lol forgot to mention that... It was two things. The Map sensor vacuum line snapped off I don't know how that happened, there was also a vacuum leak near the intake. The line had a rip threw it I could barley see just felt the air. At the track on Sat it was dark and I could not see the vacuum line but I felt the car having a rough idle so I knew it was ether a leak or fuel issue.



that was my buddy shane he's shizzle on here. yeah he told me about the race with ed, now imagine if he got a transbrake so he can launch with more boost off the line, better reaction time (he's was like a second), and put some DR's on, i think he would have a 10 second car. me and shizzle were just out here today playing with our TR's in hayward looking for victims but couldn't find any.

U can find me:wink:
Wish I could of came but I'm out of state working. My car has been sitting in the garage for the last few months now