Turbo Daytona Shelby???


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Dec 5, 2004
Hey guys, I found a Daytona Shelby Z Turbo. I'm not really looking for a car but this one only has 48K miles and is only $1300. I figured this would be a great beater car! You can't really even buy a decent beater for that much. What do you guys think? What are these cars usually selling for anyways? Thanks ----Jeremy
I just bought a 89 turbo ES Daytona with a blown headgasket. Clean with 60k. Parts are cheap but it was very hard to put it back together stock! I think that was a first for me. It's a hot air but you can buy the stock innercoolers for cheap. In the spring I am going to innercool it. Runs good in this single digit temps we having in Ohio though.
As stated above----they are absolute blasts!!!!!

Sounds like a nice deal---if you decide to pass on the car--maybe you pass along the info.I have been looking for a winter beater.