Turbo dreaming

Turbo gurus

If I was to shop for a new turbo. What would I want.
Car will run 10.86 about 126 mph w 6776H Journal/3200 o pump vigilante
210/205 flat. pp head and intake. billet trany w brake
has 55# and dual pac/ all times were with the single nozzle. About max for me there w/fuel. I do have some 95#ers laying around. O and I want the H cover gone and the only future change
that I foresee is a 212/212 roller or similar custom grind.
I wouldnt want a turbo. id look at the suspension because you e.t. should be int he 10.7 range for that mph unless you are leaving very easy. I went 10.88@126 with a crappy 1.67 60' on a 5psi launch
Didn't leave on the Tbrake and it was a soft launch.
The one hard launch twisted the drum snout off.
This is why it know has billet guts. Have not had time to get back into it. But it is coming.

And have added H&R everything to start my suspension tune and MT DRs

I actully love this turbo w my combo. Just not the way it lines up with the Slc V4
But if I was going to purchase a new one?
Why bother with a new turbo when you could just get a big bottle of NOS...or better yet two!!!!!

Sorry I don't have anything meaningful to contribute. I just watched Fast and the Furious.