turbo exhaust housing...


Feb 26, 2002
Is removing the turbo exhaust housing a big deal? i haven't had a turbo apart, so i am going into it blind so to speak. I am thinking about getting the housing ceramic coated, but i would need to get the exhaust housing off first.

If you do get the inside of the housing coated, are their certain areas where coatings should not be?

I just read the turbo rebuild article on GNTTYPE, and it sounds pretty easy as long as you are careful. Just use the two bolts as "jacking" screws and the housing should come off. Is it as easy as it sounds?
Usually, it's not that easy. 20 years of sitting in the same place, heating up and cooling down. Usually they're stuck on pretty bad. I loosen all the bolts just a little and whack it with a hammer. You've got to be careful not to get the housing crooked and damage the turbine wheel.
Cool thanks!

Has anyone had the inside and outside ceramic coated? being that our cars have so much heat to them already, i would think that getting the exhaust housing coated on the inside and out would benefit us a little more than the intercooled crowd. any thoughts on this?

I've had it done as well as a friend. The coating stays perfectly since the turbo doesn't get as hot as the headers or uppipe. It looks way better than stock, don't know of any real performance benefits but there's no downside. I didn't have it done with my last turbo because the smog nazis in CA look for any excuse to fail you.