Turbo Motion Kit or Bigger Turbo ????

TM kit...

TurboMotion Kit, no doubt about it. GO FOR IT, You will not be disappointed.

Drew H. Carlton
'85 GN, 12.146 @ 108.5, NO IC, NO SPRAY
Looking at your sig. you have no IC. Why do you recommend the TM Kit so highly?
By the way, you are flying man!!! If you've got any helpful hints please share with another hot-air.

Turbo Motion IC all the way!!!!! Not only will it give you the power it will make your engine run cooler!!!!!


i say go with a bigger turbo. dont go with the turbo motion ic. why the hell would u want to do that. i mean u bought a hotair car becasue it is hot-air. in my opinion you should keep it hot air and be as fast as the ic guys not the 84 85 guys im talking about the 86 87 guys. anyways i say no to the turbo motion ic if u want a intercooler get a 86 87 gn. go fast with hot air is my opinion... there is only like 3 86 87 gns out here in arizona that can take me so ya im doing good.


I need to clarify here... I would recomend BOTH or EITHER the IC or the V1 hotair kit to you. Jay makes great products. I am currently testing his new prototype "V3" (not offically named yet) intake, if you will, that from initial testing will be as good if not better than the V1, I think the best thing about the new V3 is it will allow you to SIMPLY BOLT-ON an '86-7 TA style turbo and I will be beginning fabrication this week to see if we can get a TE or PT style turbo to BOLT-ON. Keep your fingers crossed here guys, I see a big winner with this one!!!

Drew H. Carlton
'85 GN, 12.142 @ 108.5, NO IC, NO SPRAY
New TA54and TM "V3" will get track time within a week,
11's HERE WE COME!!!
You've got the Champion iron heads so the intake would really complement them. On the other hand with the intake, heads, and your other mods you're going to be pushing the little turbo pretty hard. I would get the intake now and the turbo later but definately a turbo somewhere in your future.
my take on the subject...

The V1 isn't going to happen... accept it :)

The logic of wanting that intake (keeping the car stock appearing) isn't much of an arguement. The old V1 intake looks nothing close to stock except to keep the turbo blowing towards the rear of the motor. You will retain the problematic O-ring adapter and it's "narrow" passage for air transition.

The V2 is leaps and bounds ahead of the V1. You elliminate the narrow air transition into the motor that alone allows for additional gains. The problematic o-ring adapter is simply "gone." :D

No longer will you have the throttlebody leading to the turbo itself and driveability is improved significantly.

Brent... I sense you are a "purist." A purist wouldn't want the V1 intake because it looks nothing close to stock appearing. In your case you'd want to have a speed shop near you to gutt your stock intake and reweld it's runners. Perhaps you'd pay someone to run that abbrassive putty solution through it so you can gain a tenth or two in et (your looking at $450 for 2 tenths... not worth it IMO and I researched that three years ago).

Your recommendation of a bigger turbo is your opinion. It will not come close to adding horsepower like the V2 set up will. If Jay is offering this setup for less than $1,400 I'd jump on it (in my case I already have the setup ;) Pics of the intake are on the "Hot-Air" website (84 members and growing!)

Hot-Air Website - Sign on up!

I encourage you folks who are contemplating this system to step forward and make a purchase. In doing so you will assist a loyal vendor who needs your financial support. There are no other vendors willing to step forward for the "Hot-Air" community like Turbo Motion and S&S. If they go away from a lack of support from us... I can only be inclined to look at all of you and say "I told you so" and my highly modified intake will then become worth double what I paid for it. :)

Jay is an outstanding guy. Give him a call and you'll see he is more enthusiastic about these cars than we are. If I was in his shoes I would up the price for his products because of the extensive effort that goes into making this happen for us. The guy works 7 days a week and takes no time off. He deserves our recognition.