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I recently bought a 79 LeSabre turbo engine with a rebuilt turbo on it.The turbo is a newer model with an .82 exhaust scroll.It has the usual oil inlet and outlet on the center shaft assembly.But,it also has 2 half inch threaded ports spaced 180 degrees apart.I have 4 other Regal turbos that do not have these ports.Can anyone tell me what these ports are for? :confused:

Sorry, I thought I had replied to your e-mail, but I just found it sitting in my outbox. Here's a copy-and paste:


Good engine!.  I think a '79 is a great choice for a swap.  Good heads, no ECM.  (An '80 is similar, but with an aluminum intake.)

I have never seen a center section like that.  I believe your right, it would be water cooling.  One port would be an inlet and the an outlet (just like the carb plenum).  I don't think the direction would matter.  If it does, one port would be marked differently from the other.

I don't think it would be too beneficial to connect it.  It is probably used to prevent coking of the bearings, which doesn't seem to be a problem on the Buick V6 (when compared to other, usually smaller, engines).

You may want to consider using a 0.63 A/R turbine housing from a 82/83 turbo for faster spool up.


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Hopefully somebody else here knows more about water cooled turbos.