Turbo Regal shows LS1 Camaro its tail lights



A few nights ago I was cruising my turbo Limited after it had been sitting for over 6 weeks. After stopping for a light a black LS1 Camaro pulls next to me. It sounded like it was definetly louder than stock too. The driver was a younger guy that looked around 20ish. Definitely all the signs of a street challenge. Since I don't have sticky tires and I don't really like to provoke races, I was just going to see what this guy did when the light turned green. We rolled out of the light just about evenly, both of us going a little faster and faster. At about 25mph we both realized it was on. I think we probably buried it at exactly the same time. I know my tires broke loose screeching. We were even for about a moment as his tires were probably hazing too.

Then I happened to looked over just as he made a shift, also letting me know I was up against a 6 speed. His shift put me up about a car length on him. Right after, my car shifted to second giving me full traction and the typical few more lbs of boost from the extra load of 2nd gear... and as usual, I easily started pulling away. I went up to about 70mph and shut it down after putting about another 3 cars on him.

I kept looking in the rear view mirror but he stayed WAY back. I wanted to see if I'd get a thumbs up and check out his car better. No luck.

On another note too; being hot and humid that night and not adjusting my wastegate for a month and a half, at the time I raced the Camaro I wasn't even sure where my boost was set. I didn't look during the race either. After getting into it later later that night, it was only hitting 15lbs.