Turbo Removal

Oct 7, 2009
Hey guys, ive looked around and cant find any info on this, I removed my exhaust and up pipe on my car to replace the garbage factory cast ball flange and snapped 2 studs in the process. I need to send the turbo away to get them machined out. Any advice and tips on how to remove it would be much appreciated.
If you have the throttle body off then you only have 1 more bracket and 1 bolt to take it off. The bracket bolts to the inlet on the intake and to the turbo.
Best bets to get the bolts out of the housing is to either soak it in atf/acetone and hope you can drill and remove it with a spline drive removal kit or take it to a machine shop and have a mill dropped into the stud and mill it out.

if you have to have it machined, it would probably be cheaper to find another housing. id expect 50-75 dollars atleast. good used hosuing will run 75..... think about it.
Well im in school currently so I can get it machined there potentially, but i have a rebuilt turbo from a Carbed turbo car, would that fit on my car at all or no? Thanks for all the advice
Well i got the turbo out, it worked like a charm, but i think the bearings are wooped, the shaft if you try to spin it grinds badly. I think im in way over my head.
You're about to buy a turbo my friend. Sorry about that. Since this is the case you might consider an upgrade. PM junkbrick here on the board and Reed can help you figure out which way to go.;)
What woud i be looking at for a good one? i dont want my car to be crazy, just to be a little more punchy than stock. Any particuar one i should look at?
On a HA you only have 1 or 2 options right now unless you want to go full custom. Basically a slight up grade or a 60-1 compressor wheel and then you're into full custom. Some of the HA guys have done some serious mods to turbos and they're in the 10's now but if you want a slight upgrade go to GN/ttype for the turbo guide which has pics so you can get an idea of what they look like.
Turns out a piece of gasket blocked my compressior wheel, the turbo is absolutely mint, just in need of some well needed maintenance. thank you all for your help, my car should be running in time for spring for my last month of being an automotive service tech, then ill know how to work on these cars like no tomorrow.