Turbo saver oil filter

G McCall

Whats the item number for the best filters for PTEs Turbo Saver.

I ran a search on oil filters, but it was not clear if the Ac PF 52 will fit PTE' s Turbo Guard.

I have a Baldwin 279 now. Is the Ac any better ? Baldwin was not in the study I read. Anyone ?
I use and recommend the Mobil one m1-302 filter. Its big (holds about a quart) and great antidrainback valve. Been using it for 3 years.
Originally posted by Steve Wood
Best is pretty subjective...Baldwin is a very high quality filter. I use AC1218s at times.

So, the AC 1218 will fit the Turbo Saver. Does it have anti drainback ?

Pf-52 won't fit. The filter for the 350 GMC/Chevy trucks 96-98 will fit if you have to look them up at the store.....( PF-1218, Mobil 1 M1-302) all have anti-drain back flaps.............. alan :)
I believe the 1218 has an anti drainback valve...I have one on right now and I have never heard any clatter at start up...Jack C, I think, gave me the cross.
Thanks all,

I needed those oil filter part numbers. I knew the brands that were highly rated, but did not have a cross reference. I have no problem with the Baldwin if I could find one easily. Did not want to wait for an order.

Here are cross numbers for some of the oil filters that fit the Turbo saver. Wix-51060
Napa- 1060R
BTW- The data that came with the turbo saver describes the Baldwin filter as having the most filtering capabilities. Will order more Baldwins for the shelf. However, I'm not sure that many more filters wouldn't fit, as the face plate for the oil filter on the turbo saver is wider than usual.