Turbo Savers?



whats this i keep hearing about turbo savers? what do they do? Dont the Stock GNs have one already? If not what benifits do they give you and how do they work? cost and where i can get one? thank you!
whats this i keep hearing about turbo savers? what do they do?

Turbo savers are nessarsary for prolonging the life of your turbo. There are two types, one that keeps the car running for a programmed amount of time, then shuts off, and one that runs while the engine is off for a programmed amount of time.

Dont the Stock GNs have one already?

No, as far as I know, there is not a turbo charged car that comes with one from the factory, they are all aftermarket. The automobile industry is not into prolonging the life of parts, if so, your car would be stainless steel (delorian), and that would put ALOT of people out of work.

If not what benifits do they give you and how do they work?

The benifits are from the cooling down of the turbo bearings. This helps coking and an imbalance on the shaft which at over 100,000 rpms even the slightest amount will eventually destroy it.

I have the preluber, it runs before and after. Before is key to saving bearings due to dry starting, and after is for the turbo to resist coking. It cost me $450 about two years ago, and now when I was looking to carry them, they are at $600!!! :eek:

I did a motor and new turbo, so the preluber was an easy choice. I like doing things once, and that was the ticket.


esp is the main distributor for them now, so john can answer more if need be.
For $600 you might as well let your turbo kick the bucket. Then when it does you have an excuse to get a bigger one:D
I agree with that more now than 2 years ago at $450. $600 is definetely a big investment.

But if you ever have a rod knock like I did, you will see how long it takes for oil to reach it to shut it up. 2 to 3 seconds on start up, then on the oil change it would hit almost 6 seconds!!! Now with the preluber, no more dry starts, and great cool down for the turbo, I set mine to almost 3 minutes with the car off is key there.

So, if you are going to do a new motor and turbo, then pony it up, it will save you from low end engine work big time.

Just my opinion though, as now at $600 the motor and turbo better get atleast 2 years more to make up for that price.
Turbo timers.....

Go take a look at this page to find out more.....
http://www.mr2.com/TEXT/TurboTimers.html or this one, http://www.i-m-racing.com/turandac.html it's from an import site, but has info on all the popular brands. My son has had 2 diff. brand names ones on his '88 supra turbo and they work great. A nice party trick as well - he is always hearing, hey buddy, you left your car running - and he says, yeah, I know.As you can see from these sites, one can be bought for under 100.00 - you can accomplish the same thing by always driving easy, with very little boost for the first and last 3-5 min. of your drive. It's not quite as good as idleing your car for 3 min. or so like a timer does, but it can come close. The nice thing about timers is you just set it and forget it. There are articles on this that imply an increase to turbo life of 25% or more.
Damn..i had one on the car when i bought it. Wasn't hooked up.I just threw it out last week. It said remote turbo oiler on it. I thought it was old tech so i tossed it.