Turbo went...Should I upgrade?


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My Turbo has went to the large Garret grave in the sky..I might go back to stock, but I would rather get a better turbo and seek some HP gains.

Please keep in mind that I have stock inj..what size turbo is good, and how much will it cost?
Stock injectors will go low 12's I doubt you will reach that with just a turbo. I would go with a TA49 adapted to hot air, or even a TE44 with a sleeved 62mm TB.
Upgrade for sure. You won't spend much if any more for an upgrade. You can't go wrong with a TA49 or 33. Near stock spool up with a very good increase in top end. Don't forget our turbos are smaller than the IC guys so it does make a big difference even with a small turbo upgrade.
TA33... pricey... but easier to install

I guess it matters what skills you have and how deep in your wallet you wish to reach :)

Karma.... :D
well..I spoke with a bunch of Gurus last night, and I am leaning torward getting a TA-33...I dont like the idea of mod-ing the turbo to intake adapter, and I dont wanna go to big with a 49 because of knock issues...on a 33 turbo what kinda HP increase will I see?
well...thats what I like to hear :)

Anyone know the best place to get this turbo from? I dont wanna deal with clocking and all that BS..I just want to be able to bolt it on.
Stock injectors will go low 12's, so don't worry about them. You will have knock problems with any turbo if you don't have good octane. If you are running high boost and low octane, you are asking for problems, and more fuel insn't the answer, you will just end up with a slow spooling slug at high boost. I wouldn't bother with the 33. Get a 49 in the stock housing, run 22lbs of boost and 100 AV gas, and hold on. Make sure you get a chip for the larger turbo, or else you will experience a very lean condition. I don't see why a 49 wouldn't spool with a stock TC as long as you have a Garret .63 housing, not a PTE .63 which is actually .77.
I have firsthand experience with a 49, 62, and 64 turbos. The 49 will work fine with a stock convertor. You won't be able to get away with the car being pig rich on the bottom end or exhaust leaks like you sometimes can with a stocker. As long as the car is running good and tuned you will notice very little difference in spool. The 49 can supply more air than the stock injectors can supply fuel but unless you have other mods you will be fine.
Without an intercooler or serious engine mods, a TA49 won't be too much for stock injectors.
Well, I sent the turbo out today to John Craig..He is going to take it apart look it over, and tell me what went wrong, and I think port it out and make it into a 33.

I am really hoping that I didnt cause any engine damage, because if I did that would just "suck"

Thank you all for you help....now with this new turbo..do I need to take it easy on the car to "break in" the turbo?
I know its a tough motor, but from what I hear turbos usually just dont go like ming did.

Floor the car at 35mph and BAM...scanmaster showed 18* of retard....I drove the car home, and it seemed to drive fine..but it smoked and under boost it smoked up the whole road.

can a crap load of oil that is shot into a high reving motor do some damage?
I got a ta-33 from IRACEAV6 and its a great turbo lots of power and my cars not even tuned . good luck with the car.