Turbonetics Ball Bearing Te44 - CPT 44bb


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One of Cottons CPT- 44bb or more commonly known as a Turbonetics Te44 bb. 3 inch in / 2 inch out. Turbonetics .63 a/r
Came on my car when I bought her and I was told that it was virtually new. I personally put about 8k street miles on her.
Pulled an easy 25 psi and spooled instantly on the street. Great street turbo and very nice upgrade for a lightly modified Turbo Regal.
While addressing some upgrades. I was contemplating sending her in to Turbonetics and having them do a once over then cranking up the boost even more, but moved up a few sizes to one more suited for my combo.
So now she is just sitting on my workbench and I don't see myself using her going forward. Spins freely and easily. Doesn't smoke but has a little side to side shaft play.
IMG_0254.jpg IMG_0253.jpg IMG_0251.jpg 60485479613__078FCF97-C6A3-40B0-8C10-6675EE84C89F.JPG