Turbonetics boost controller and Custom 4 inch MAF


Turbonetics boost controller with boost gauge, bracket was painted and controller installed for less than 50 miles before going a different route. Nothing wrong with the controller, works as advertised.

$100, shipped with gauge or $80 shipped without gauge

Original repainted rear end cover.

$20, plus shipping

Custom made MAF sensor and pipe, true 4inch. Comes with wire converter. I like this because it makes for a clean look when running the 4 inch pipe from turbo. The design of the MAF with integrated sensor allows for less hose clamps. I no longer run a MAF system, so no for need it.

$240 shipped


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I have a quick question on the MAF... what is the original application for that, it looks different then the "card/blade" style I'm used to seeing... also did you run it as the 4" MegaMAF on the translator? Or was it a different setting?

Thanks and GLWS.

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A buddy of mine fab the MAF set up. The sensor is for an LS1 motor. I ran the translator on 85mm with no issues.