Turbonetics Deltagate


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Nov 18, 2008
I've got an over boost issue with my billet 6765 and Turbonetics Deltagate. Last combo my Turbo was a Turbonetics GTK 850 and this wastegate coltrolled it fine. Also, I'm using a Turbonetics boost controller, should I by pass the controller? Thoughts?
How much boost are you trying to run? I did some porting to my wastegate hole. I have the RJC large puck in my DP, Heavy Duty wastegate, and RJC control. I used to see the faster cars use two deltagates or one racegate.
Well I EVENTUALLY want to run 28ish but right now, since it's a brand new motor, I was wanting like 15-18 to get a good tune in the FAST before that point.
Last car I knew that could do that had two deltagates on the crossover. I had either a 63 or 66mm Turbo and could run high tens on at or so psi. You're asking it to bleed off more exhaust than it can handle. You may have to bite the bullet and upgrade it. The money and time you will spend trying to add another deltagate or relocate yours may cost more than a new wastegate.

I completely understand your protecting the motor standpoint though. Octane is your friend at this point. I'd drive it really low then dump in 5 gallons of C-16. Better safe that sorry at this point.
A single Deltagate isn't going to control that turbo. The Deltagates are only about 32mm. You'll need at least a 38mm off the header or just go ahead and upgrade to a 44mm and be done with it. I have a 44mm TiAL gated off the header just before the turbo on my street car which has a 6765 turbo as well. It can control the boost as low as I want it to go. Link to thread detailing .......http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/tu...pte-6765-billet-wheel-turbo-has-landed-3.html
Pull the gate off and make sure its not stuck closed. This has happened to me after the car sat for an extended period of time.