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I’m planning to step up my turbo. Turbonetics T-76 Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo. Fresh rebuild last winter, does not smoke, perfect condition. Great turbo, very fast spool up, I’ve gone 9.60 @143at 21.5 psi in the cold and 9.60 at 23 psi in the heat in my stage II car weighing 3675lbs. This turbo has plenty of power for a high 9-second car. This is a great turbo for the street with the ceramic ball bearing offering fast spool-up. This turbo lists for $1975.00 new from Turbonetics. I’m planning to step up the turbo to run TSO. I’ve never run this turbo past 23 psi. Turbo has 4”inlet and 3” exhaust. Asking $1000 OBO.

Art Paltz
jjvites said:
How does this compare to T70 GTQ. Also is it a four bolt or three?
I don't know the T-70 turbo. A 76mm is a bigger wheel than a 70mm. Assuming the "Q" in GTQ is a Q-Trim then it would be the same style of wheel as mine. If above true then my T-76 Q-Trim would be a bigger turbo than the T-70 GTQ. It's supposition on my part because I don't know the turbo you are referencing. Be aware, a T-76 turbo is not TSM legal. Max wheel size is 70mm in TSM. You can run this turbo in TSL.

My turbo is a 4-bolt. You would need a 3 to 4 bolt adapter to put it on a stock header. I know people that have successfully used a T-76 4-bolt (with adapter) on a stock displacement 109 block, 206 cam and just ported heads and have gone into the 10's consistently with no spool up issues. That was with a standard ball bearing T-76. Add in the ceramic BB option and it's going to spool faster and should have more longevity. The ceramic BB is definitely going to make it a more streetable turbo than a non ceramic BB T-76.

Hope this helps,
to bad i dont have a upper half of a th dp. unless you have a upper half th dp with flapper to include then i am interested. great deal.
Raist103 said:
to bad i dont have a upper half of a th dp. unless you have a upper half th dp with flapper to include then i am interested. great deal.
A DP with a flapper won't help you. There is no by-pass hole. You'll need to use an external wastegate. I'll be replacing my down pipe when I purchase my new turbo so I can probably send you the flange part of my DP. My DP is custom with my headers so would probably not work real well on a stock car.

I didn’t know any T-76’s came with a puck hole.

i know they do from pte because i had one on my ty, i just thought your might as well. i dont plan to go with a extralgate at least not for a while but thanks for the offer.
Art, asked on the other board but, whats the a/r on the turbine,on center? Didn't think needed a BIGGER turbo, (BUT 76 AND BB :rolleyes: ) got me thinking, really interested Art.