Turbonetics HPC 61(62) Ball Bearing


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Hello everyone up for sale is my Ball bearing Tnetics 6162. Turbo was purchased 1.5 years ago then sent to 10/16/2018 Work Turbocharger for machine work. Turbo comes with actuator and ready to drop in perfectly.

HPC 61 is the faster spooling turbo I’ve owned. 61/62mm turbos work so well with tight 24-2600 stall...Both compressor and turbine are good up to 70#/min and are very closely may matched. This turbo was recommended to me by the lead sales Reggie and Reid @ Work Turbochargers.

Did not get the car out this year since I moved..Maybe 50 miles on this unit.

$1500 into this unit will take $795 Shipped to the lower 48 states includes PayPal taxes fees and shipping. Thank you guys


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I see what looks like a step hose on the I/C pipe, is the turbo outlet 2” or 2.5”?

Man, I wish I was in the market for a turbo like this right now.
sorry TTA, my computer would not let me on TB site,and a couple of days later it crashed!! i'm on my granddaughters computer now. hope i didn't screw you up! Bob