turn a hot air into intercooled?


hey guys not sure if im posting this in the right section or not:confused: but here i go.. i have done alot of upgrades to my 87 in the last year so i have stock parts laying around like intake t/b with all the sensors, down pipe,injectors,chip, turbo,head and intercooler. my nephew has an 85 ttype that he wants to sell me for 1500:eek: so i started thinking that i have alot of parts that i might need to make it a cold air.my question is..can you use the same block of the engine? and if so what other parts might i need? thanks in advance and sorry if i posted in the wrong section but i figured that if anybody would know it would be you guys:)
I just made this list for another thread maybe someone should do a write up on how to do the conversion and make it a stickey.

wiring harness with all the relays
ecm and computer chip
air temp sensor
esc module
map sensor
-might as well get a 3 bar map sensor
crank sensor
tps sensor
coolant temp sensor
coolant lines
vacuum lines
fan temp switch
passenger header and crossover pipe
crank pulley
water pump pulley
turbo and heat shield you’ll need both the upside down J bracket that mounts to the head and then to the turbo shaft bracket
oil feed and return lines to turbo
-go with the steel braided ones
intercooler with brackets and fan
up pipe from intercooler
throttle body and plenum
intake manifold
water neck housing
electric fan
belt tensioner
accessory bracket
braces for the alternator and ac compressor
ac lines
top radiator brace
fuel lines
fuel rail
coil pack and ignition module
coil pack and ignition module two piece brace
MAF sensor
passenger side valve cover
crank pulley
throttle and trans cable
engine and trans dipstick tubes
power steering pump along with reservoir
mass air intake pipe
plug wires
Here's a hotair block converted to intercooled. Just have to drill and tap for the oil return. The crank, rods, heads all work too.


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