tv cable question and tcc question


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May 28, 2001
my first question is how many teeth or lines do you guys have showing on your tv cable??? my other question is could the tcc solenoid affect shifting in general? thanks guys
Everybodys cable will be slightly different. The correct setting is unique to every car. There is no point at which this many works for the car like this many works for that one. Adjust as per adjusting procedure (we like it taughnt at wot) or stock oem method and let it go. As for tcc effecting the shift.... as in how? firmness? Heck yea, because the converter has no slip now so it all will be transferred. If the trans is slipping however it could make it more prominent. But as for shift points , not really.. As for downshift yes it will try to lock up like a 4sp at 20 mph with clutch out. Hope this answers your questions....:)
Good Luck..

so if a tcc was bad and someone disconected ot there is a chance that the tranny will actaully shift firmer? thanks for the help bruce.

Not exactly. If the TC is locked, you will get the firmest shift possible. There will be 0 slippage in the converter, so shift qulaity will be as good as the unit allows. With the TC unlocked, you have TC slippage softening the shift. Clear as mud?:cool:
pkok so let me ask this tranny is fairly new but i dont thinmk the solenoid was ever replaces. when our cars are ion OD and you drive down the highway if you tap the brake lightly the rpms raise a litle bit. well mine does that on its own every so often. it seems like is locking and unlocking or something. could this be a reason for that? if i unplug the TCC will i notice a difference to tell if thats the prob? thank guys
I'll bet you got a short to ground somewhere and/or the tcc Cruise switch is just on the virge of opening so vibration and/or bump in road knocks it out. I would ck both.

when you talk about a ground loose d oyou mean a ground to teh block or a ground to the TCC?? thank for the help
TCC either 3rd or 4th signal..