TV Cable questions....


'87 GN (for sale)
Mar 27, 2002
Newbie with GN for less than 3 weeks...
'87 GN, 115K miles. Shifts well under part throttle, won't shift at all under WOT.
Followed the procedure to adjust the TV cable on, the thing went to the last click towards the firewall, still won't shift properly. Is this a sign that the TV cable is stretched? Any ideas on cost and complexity in replacing one of these at home? Do I need to get into the tranny itself or does this hook up externally?
Any other ideas on this problem?
Thanks in advance!
let the cable out two clicks toward the radiator and then try again and see if it shifts- i would do this one or two clicks at a time until it shifted- you have to be very careful because if you let it out too much a full throttle run could wipe out the intermediate band in the tranny - the tv cable can be changed without going into the trans- when you take the old one loose you will see it is attached to a little hook sticking out of the valve body - just disconnect the old and then rehook to the new cable
Just in case you dont get an answer here, you might have better luck posting this in the tranny section.
Whoops, you're right, I didn't even think that there was a tranny section...bad case of tunnelvision....
Thanks for the tip, SR71GN.