TV spring


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Sep 1, 2001
Hi! I have Artcarr shift kit, but the tv spring feels very stiff.
When i adjust the tv cabel where it shoud be , The wire is hard
to move between 3/4 - vot. Is it wrong spring? Trans working
good,but the wire dont last so long.
I use the stock BR spring with the Carr kit. Some TV cables wont take pressure of that stiff spring and will break. Other seem ok. The kit will stilll work with the stock spring.

Lonnie Diers
I just told someone yesterday...ahh Paul Rigowski I think, to do this very thing. Yes it will work better at light throttle with stock one.

You wont need to remove VB. Pull the pin at the plunger and the TV valve will pull right out. Replace spring and pin. Make sure the pin goes through the valve in the right place. Thats all that is needed. Dont remove the VB.

Lonnie Diers