Twitchy TA


So Cal TTA#110

Hi Hope you all can help me with a problem.
My TTA is very twitchy under hard braking. Also likes to follow ruts cracks you mane it.. The front suspension isn't that stiff or tight because the front end will porpise over bumps above 100 mph.
My V8Z was a very stiff car w/ 50/50 weight balancing and I could put that baby anywhere anytime any speed any road even w/out the front swaybar.
I know what a 3rd gen is supposed to feel like. But this twitch isn't it.
Any suggestions appreciated

Does your TTA have T-Tops and did your Z?Frame connectors are supposed to take some of the slop in the car out and give it more rigidity.The following the ruts could be from directional tires and the setup you have.I've noticed this in mine not so bad that I'm real concearned.Although I have even thought about installing a strut tower brace in hopes it would help.
In another TA that I had, at 30,ooo miles or so it started doing the same things, it was a bad strut. A new pair of struts and alignment fixed it.
I second the notion that the porposing effect is an indication of a bad strut.
Thanks guys for the suggestions.
My TTA has a lot of miles on her 134,000.
I brought my TTA to work yesterday and had the police mechanics take a look at it. They also said the idler/pitman arms were marginal. I think I will take it to my trusted alignment shop and see what they say and go from there. If they confirm what the mechanics thought I'll break out the old pickle fork and R&R some arms. then take it back and have it aligned.
The old tires were bald on the rears(obviously) and pretty close to the same up front. With the exception of the passenger side. That tire was wearing the outside edge to the point of blistering.
Could a bad idler/piman arm combo cause this being it's on the same side as that tire? Or would both tires be doing the same thing?
I just put a set of tires and rims on the TTA. I've had them for 10 years they were originally for my 68 Camaro. They're Centerlines billet webs w/ 255 50 16 out back and 245 45 16 up front. I'll post some pics this weekend and tell me what you think. Now if I could only afford Racer F's Bilstein/Suspension Techniques package I would be set. Please Mrs. Santa I've been a good boy!


Enjoying my new Toy TTA!!

It was actually 50.4% front 49.6% rear with my fat a$$ out of her with a 1/2 tank of gas at 2660 lbs.
49.6% front 50.4% rear with my fat a$$ in her with 1/2 tank of gas at 2880 lbs.
JTR motor/tranny mounts, Aluminum heads, aluminum water pump, aluminum manifold,aluminum pulleys,fiberglass cowl-induction hood and battery mounted in the back!
Last run was at California Speedway on Sept.22,2001

R/T ... .523
60' ... 1.903
Sorry hit the wrong key before Iwas finished.

330 ...5.157
I GIVE UP! 11.96ET@117.94MPH. They kicked me off the track after that for not having a roll bar and fire jacket.
I had about $7500 in it and sold her to a COP for $5500.

Like My TTA alot better though. Better fuel milage,runs cooler and power everything. Just isn't as controllable as my Z.
No regrets.
If your interested check out the new issue of Grassroots Motorsports.
Or Check out the Darius videos. You may have to search for them.

Zya Jeff

P.S. What does TTT stand for?
TTT = To The Top

another thing to check is the panhard rod, of you get some slop it will make your rear move side to side (following ruts) which will point the car differently and it will do what you are describing, I know this since mine was doing it after replacing a fuel pump and dropping the tank and rearend, guess I didnt geet the bolts tight enough
now 2880 how did u get a tta that light u told us your lightning mods ahd how did u get alum heads to fit what headers were u using put it this way i have a very light tta and im still 3250 and im all steel but i do have a full interior and a 10 point cage but thats no 400 lbs difference

HI George

I don't know if your post is a type-o or not but I never claimed my TTA weighed 2660lbs it was my Z that was 2660lbs.
S&S Headers makes a 32 street rod 1 3/4 full length header that fitsa Z w/SBC angle plug heads.
Z'S are uni-body cars made w/ thin steel. If you jack up the car on the frame rails it would crush the rail. So I filleted the frame rail and stuffed a 1"x2"x.125 wall square tube from the t/c link support back to the rear frame suspension. With the frame rails and welded rear gears that little bastard was a low flying jet on rails. Never even hooked up the front sway bar. It was a ground control 1 1/8 adjustable w/ heim joints.
No roll cage, no strut bars and full interior.
A V8Z and a V8 914 are about the only 2 cars on the street I would watch for. Only problem is most of the time you won't know it til it's too late.


PS What is it with cops ? I sold my Z to a cop and the cop down the street has a 10 second 87 BGN.

Sorry I'm so used to being on the V8Z boards that I assume you know what I'm refering to.
My 1973 240 Z was a lightweight/high horsepower monster.
And if a V8Z doesn't boost your turbo than check this site out.

Just figured out there is a edit button, hey!

Took a couple of pics of my TTA w/ the new tire/rim combo will post later in a new thread!!!

I was gonna say. That would have to be a gutted shell of an F bdoy to get one that light. Now I know why :)