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May 24, 2001
I recently dropped my tranny pan because the gasket split....I took all the old fluid out, and then let it sit for a few days with no fluid in it...about 3 days later I put in 3 quarts of ATF with the car not running because I am waiting for my new turbo..and I read the dipstick...with 3 quarts it is reading very high! What he hell is going on..can it be over filled? did fluid somehow get into the pan when I let it sit....someone please chime in..im left scratching my head!
Convertor drains slowly back into the pan. When you fire it up you`ll probably have to add a couple quarts more.

That's right. When the pump starts pumping and filling everything back up, the level will drop.
yup..the converter drained....I started the car up and the fluid was low....added a few quarts and it looks to be ok..thanks for your help!