Ultrachip ver. 3.02 anyone try this?

i have it and i love it ...i was running a jc chip with 009's and now i have the 50 lb'ers and casper ultrachip.... my car idles better now .... and doesnt knock as much....i also like the fact i can set it to zero and the car wont start.....its a great chip and i would recommend it
I did not buy this chip because I most of the time I shy away from the "jack of all trades" items that claim to solve all your problems. Usually to get something good there has to be compromise somewhere else. Does this chip really del as advertised? how does it handle race fuel, high boost, etc.? And how do you change the settings?
you change it with the thumbwheel... 0-7.... i havent used it with race fuel yet ...i just put it in two days ago...and i already really like it .... i have a manual boost controller so the chip doesnt control the boost ....but as far as chips go ....imo ...they are one of the best.... i have used three different chips in my car so im not just saying that because it is the first one ive ever used....