Umi LC Arm Relocator plates!


1978 - 1987 GM G-Body Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets

78-87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Malibu
78-87 Pontiac Grand Prix
78-87 Buick Regal, Grand National
78-87 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Brackets are Weld-in only and install in approximately 1 hour. :eek: All hardware and installation instructions are included with each kit.

I just did mine last yesterday. We started them at about 7pm and did not finish until 1am. These were not just bolt on and weld. Taking just 1hr. I think it varys from car to car but I had to trim some metal from the factory mount area to get the plates to go where I needed them, and its not a very easy spot to get to, to weld at the backing plate side. Also your sway bar needs to be re-mounted or else it would drag the ground (if you have the big arse ATR) like me. 3" lower on the sway bar would look like crap too. I will post pics soon. I do like the fact I myself did not have to make them myself but I hope it was worth the work come race day.
I put some on my car and it took me about 3 hours but I was in no hurry and was loafing and talking as I went. I put on the relocation brackets, UMI lowers and adjustable uppers and took my car to the track and cut a 1.57 first pass out on drag radials so I felt it was worth the work! I do have the ATR sway bar so I just ran the relocation brackets in the center hole.