unbiased answer to this trans rebuild ?? Requested


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I have a local trans shop near me, who can do my trans rebuild, hardened sunshell, hardened stator, 10 vane, original Art Carr Kit, and complete rebuild, for 1k out the door, he is a friend of the family and his 3 cousins all have GN/T's with his rebuilts inthem, I just want to see if there is any other opinions about this, its under the avg prices i have been getting with what appears to be the good stuff other than blue clutches, is there anything else i should have done? I am installing a 2800 TC, Plus it has a 1 year warranty. since he is a family friend it's alot cheaper, almost half what the average shops in general want for a GN trans Rebuild.

oh yeah, and "Loosen" my stock converter to 2500

whats your opinion. go with him, or save up and get the trans i was originally going with a WE4 Or Geerhead rebuild?

I recommend saving the money and having one of those guys do it.(BT or JB)
Did you really expect anything less? LOL :)

I could have gotten a rebuild for that price but bit the bullet and sent my trans out to Bruce. No I haven't gotten it back yet but I know what I'm getting and trust his work. I hope to get it in a few weeks and I'll keep you posted. That's my opinion.
I'm sure we'll be reading up on the follow-up post to this before too long if you have a local tranny shop do you a re-build. The phrase in question here is: "local tranny shop near me". If this guy (tranny builder) does not build the 200r4's on a consistant basis and does not know them inside and out then you might have problems. The key here is making them last for an extended period of time. I elect you go with the concensus here and contact Bruce. Tranny problems from an inexperienced builder can be a nightmare and literally wreck your whole racing season. I'd pay the "extra" just to insure that I've got a quality build. Not trying to sound harsh but you did say you wanted an unbiased answer, right? Good Luck! Randall
Sounds like a fair street deal for what your getting. I got the same thing for a grand from Jimmy. Remember, your getting basicly a stock rebuild w/ a better pump set up and a hard stator. I belive most builders do there own shift kits w/ the addition of a boost valve. I dont think your getting any kind of a sweet deal from family, same as everybody else it looks like, short of Bruces Killer street tranny, but thats a few bones more too (almost double, but that includes a billet shaft welded to the drum). There is more than one way to skin a cat. Freight from you to Bruce can be a BIG desideing factor too, trust me , I know :(
I wouldnt bring MY tranny wurk to just anybody tho, i dont care if it was one out of a Gremlin or a GN. Just make sure who you do bring it to that you feel comfortable that they know what there doing. Transmissions arent that hard for a tranny guy, i would like to think that they shouldnt be at least.
History tends to repeat itself, if hes built good units for friends/family before, then he'll prolly do a good job again.
Don't worry to much about the shipping I paid about $125 from GA to Bruce and that was with 3k insurance. I thought that was a great price.
Haven't gotten it back yet but I'm guessing it should be the same. I thought it would be way more so all in all I'm looking at a little over 2 grand. Lucky I came into some cash or the GN would be sitting for a while.
The "family" part is what would concern me. If you don't have 100% faith that they can do it right and have it hold up then I'd not do it. I like the feeling of having a tranny that is built to withstand a beating and has been proven time and time again. But it does come at a cost (up front) as opposed to paying to do it over at a later date.
Hey Rick.... that core of yours was prestine!!! Virgin and no hard part damage except for crack in planetary which at that point is normal. Band was cooked so second had to be weak but it did not hurt the virgin drum. Trans is now In Florida as a Cal Hartline trans.
Working great.... thanks for your honesty and patronizing PTS.
We enjoyed working for you....

Cool, Cal has it! I met him at Bristol. I said, aren't you the one that wrecked your car?? It was in fact him.

I'm glad my core was in good shape. I actually contemplated keeping it but only for a second. You are right, the only real problem I was having with it was the 2-3 flair and not being able to keep the TV cable pulled out far enough.

I followed the "Go ahead and get it done right the first time" theory. I don't mind doing things once I just hate doing them over.

Oh well, It's good to see my old tranny is more well traveled than me. Indianapolis -> Cincinnatti (thanks Lonnie) -> California -> Florida. :eek:
Idea for shipping trans

I got UPS to ship my trans for me. I bought a plastic trash can with two wheels and packed it up real good. I told them what was in the container.. they only asked if it was drained and clean. It cost me alot less to do it than truck freight.. Good luck~Scott:D