Under optimized combo


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well it looks like my nailhead might be dieing before I wanted it to and if I'm going to have to take it out I'm not putting it back in. However I'm still well short of the money needed to finish my Turbo6 to full battle status. Since I'm going to have to run a near stock TH200-4R in a 4000lb car I'm limited to how much power I can make. I was thinking a smaller turbo would be best on an unported stock intake and keep the boost down since I might have to run a stock intercooler since I don't know if I'm going to be going custom or PS intercooler and I'm not going to cut my coresupport for anything but the final intercooler. Its a 8.3:1 compression 4.1L with a 212/212 roller cam and 1.65:1 roller rockers and champion ported irons. What common turbo, for around $500 used, should I look for if I want to make around 250-300hp?