underbody clean look and protective spray


Fargan sneaky bastages!
Is there anything that I can spray under my GN that will keep the chassis looking good and protect against corrosion without the sticky film that attracts dirt and dust like a WD-40 type product does.
Try STONER brand, "More Shine Less Time". It is an aerosol can. Can be wiped down shorty after spraying for not such a gloss finish. Or leave alone and let it dry for a gloss finish. Great for the plastic fenderwells, air dams, inner fenderwells, etc.... I use a product line for my detailing business called Distinctive Details. Their product for this type application is called "Ultra Shine"
I have used Eastwoods "Chassis Black" to coat my undercarriage. It can be bought in Aerosol or paint. I like the quart can and put it on with a brush. With a good brush it goes on really evenly. You also do not have to worry about taping everything off and covering the whole car like you would with an aerosol. You can then use the above mentioned products to give it that wet look. You have lots of options here, this is just what I like.
Those silicone and spray on items just make it 'look' cleaner. Usually they end up scammer mess. If you want to do it the correct way get under there and clean all the parts by hand and use a good undercarriage paint. If the car is very clean you can usually just wipe down the floors to get all the dirt off them. Anything you cannot clean off or if there is rust on them like the Sway bars can be painted with POR-15 and then a top coat of Chassis Black to protect it from UV light. If you remove any parts like the shocks be sure to clean the hardware...It really brightens things up.

For the front fenders on the inside give them a good scrubbing and then use some plastic polish on them. Once they are all clean they will have a dull look to them. Use just a SMALL film of Silicone to brighten them up.

If your car still has the stock exhaust system (If it is not too rusty) buy some aluminum polish and use it to clean the exhaust system. You will be happy with the results.

Once your done avoid the puddles and keep it out of the rain.