undercarriage rust preventative treatment?


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Aug 10, 2004
i wanna rust proof under my car....i have the floorboards i figured id just spray some rustoleom paint under it, then spray that rubberized stuff on over it, then by the chassis where the rocker panels are i see rust in that small groove behind everything...cant really fit my hands there was thinking i could get some por-15 paint and dab some of that there, and then spray over that too....any suggestions otherwise??
rust proofing

Im doing the underside of my regal by sandblasting all the rust spots then spraying with rust converter -- 3 coats then going to paint black---ive been told by several guys that the rubber undercoat will work but if it gets chipped by a rock or something it will hold in the water and rust the crap out of it so thats why ill just paint and go under there and check for rust once a year or so--just my 02 for what its worth -- lots of salt and crap here in the north but my regal will never see it
wow sounds good. didnt think about that rubber undercoating doing that...good to know. now ill just need to find someone who sandblasts
I used POR-15 on the entire underside and wheel wells. Avoid undercoating for the reasons mentioned.

I second POR-15

This stuff is good. A semi-chassis colored black already. When this stuff dries it is rock hard and very hard to get off. When you are painting the surfaces, don't where anything you even remotely care about because it stains your clothes and your SKIN :eek: .

Anyways, I have the entire underbody of my car, and the radiator support painted with POR. Works good.