Up and down pipe ??


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Dec 10, 2005
I need an up-pipe and downpipe but im having troubles finding one. ive heard alot about a mease downpipe but can you still get one and from where??? also ive been trying to get to http://atrperformance.com but there site is not working for me im in need for an up and down pipe asap anyone ever use a conley performance up and down with thier headers? http://www.conleyracing.com/ getting desperate but dont want junk or stock replacement parts

I have an atr downpipe & a set of poston headers in the parts for sale section with some other hotair parts. Would like $75.00 + shipping for the downpipe.
Do a search on this site Mease has a new website but I'm not sure on the time frame to get the parts. Atr is reorganizing and will supposedly be back in a month or two. I think the deal listed above is a good one to look at.