Updated 109 Build-up Pic

Thats SEXY
What paint did you use on the block, and did you hand polish everything?
Block paint is universal gray, and other parts are powder coated with reflective chrome from eastwood. I tried to eliminate as much polished Al as possible... its a PIA to keep nice!

Yea, powder coating is pretty easy... its the prep work that is the hard part - glassbeading, cleaning, sanding, etc... We have the eastwood kit and a couple o junk ovens... works great!

disco stu: Intake is sheetmetal with a removable upper plenum that will house the LT1 throttlebody. I'll have to post some pics of it, its almost finished and the plenum is a monster! I dont personally know of anyone thats done the LT1 tb on a turbo buick, but im sure someone out there has done it...

Hmmm, I'm a Mease and Keith's a Mease, so i guess it is a Mease intake :) :D

It's actually similar to my old intake, with the exeption of the removable upper. The runners, intake flanges, etc... are all the same. From the runners up it's a custom piece.

Thanks fer the compliments!

JC Turbo: I think its called reflective chrome... i use the single stage they have now so no clear top coat is needed.

gnxtc2: Its a stock 20 bolt pan which we've welded a -12AN bung onto for the turbo drain. The bottom of the GT42 sits a lot lower so the stock bung is too high for gravity to play its role. I'm just hoping with the girdle and different oil level its high enough!