upgrades !!!wat to do next!!!!!!!!


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Hello people well to make a long story short i pulled out of my garage an 86 gn that was sitting for a while and it runs pretty good, but wat should i do next. i know theres alot of upgrades outhere but wanted to get some feed back on wat i should do next, my car is bone stock no fuel press regulator or nothing so wat are some good upgrades lets say with about 500 to 1000 bucks to spend will appreciate the feed back thanks........
This one's free: SEARCH FEATURE;)

Some type of scan tool - FullThrottleSpeed
Adj. Fule pressure - FT/Kirbans
Turbo Tweak chip - TurboTweak

That's about $475.

Alcohol injection - SMC/AlkyControl

Tune the car to run at WOT without detonation. Try to get the most out of the current combo before you really start throwing money at it.
Won't be stock for long and you will spend a lot more than $1000. Not saying this is a bad thing but it will be addictive and you will never be finished. In my opinion if your goal is truly to stay stock or close to it then just get a scan tool, FP regulator and gauge maybe a hot wire kit and leave it alone. Once you start…...upgrade the injectors then comes a new chip or new electronics. Naturally next is a new turbo since you have more fuel. Oh yea, don't forget to replace those stock valve springs! Then you may want to add a better intercooler and maybe alcohol injection to protect you against knock (I still have to add alky). Oh yea don't forget suspension upgrades, bigger brakes, better exhaust, air induction upgrades, dual fans, converter, and a transmission rebuild just to name a few. That will only soak up about $10k if you do most of the work. It is madness....:) Once you are completely overtaken with the madness, then you will pull the engine, rebuild it, buy bigger, better, faster parts.

There is an incredible amount of info on this board as well as a lot of really cool and experienced people. Get creative with your searches and read what people have done but be wise that there are many opinions given. You have to decipher the info. What works for one may not work for you. These cars can get complex, quickly. The more you learn the more you realize there is more to learn. It you are not mechanically savvy and don't plan to do most of the work yourself then stay as close to stock as you can so you can drive and enjoy the car. Again, this is only my personal opinion. Best of luck.
+1, Fuel pump upgrade, port turbo exhaust housing(nozzle area;) ) adjustable "stock appearing" fuel pressure regulator, and a nice chip to compliment the above, after that, muffler, air inlet pipe, shift kit. I hope you have positraction:biggrin: