Upgrading current stock system


Tomas Del Maar

I'm completely novice when dealing with car stereo systems...

I'd prefer to keep the stock deck in...(I like making my own tapes and stuff) but maybe get a CD changer hooked up to it in the future.

I would like to know the best possible upgrades in regarding replacement speakers...one of my rears is crackling from bass.

Please give the make and sizes and maybe even the part numbers for these. Would an amplifier help? If so, how big? Where could it go?

IF it matters I listen mostly to Prog-metal, rock, and jazz.

I don't want to go overboard, but something that is much better than what I got without ripping apart the interior.

BTW: I have the Concert Sound II option....would it help any to have 2 extra speakers somewhere for a total of 8 altogether.

Somebody please straighten me out :D :) in detail...
The cheapest/easiest way would be to just keep your stock radio, then just upgrade spkrs. This would still give a good boost in sound quality but not as much as adding amps, kick panel pods, subs etc.

I would say, that since your new to this, start out small (just change spkrs). You may be completly happy with that setup and not ever want anything more (i know lots of people who fit into that catagory). Or you could be like me (and many others) and go the first step, be fine with it for a little while but then still want to upgrade later on. In other words, never be satisfied. :D

car stero is like a cars performance, you can never have too much horsepower and you can never be too fast. The only limit is your $$ and desire.

The best thing for you to do first would be to decide exactly what you want to do. (ie just change spkrs and keep stock radio, change spkrs and upgrade radio, change spkrs, radio, add amps etc etc). Once you decide that then everyone here will be able to give you some exact input on what brands have been best for them etc etc. The reason I say for you to decide exactly what you want to do is that there are millions of options out there. It will make it much easier for people to give you the advice/opinions you want/need if we know what you are specifically looking for.
Kenwood makes a good cassette head unit with CD changer controls for a trunk mount changer. Works for me I used to make a lot of cassettes don't much anymore.

So do lots of other brands. I like the Kenwoods.

Another option for ya!
Sir Tomas :)

Here is another possible option........Since your rear 4 x 10s are crackling, you could........

1) replace rears with 6 x 9s

2) add an aftermarket amplifier to power all 6 drivers, world of difference over the deck power.

3) add an aftermarket amplifier to a sub in trunk and use deck power for your 6 speakers in car or adding an amp or amps to power all of your drivers.

4) If you want CD sound in your car with your factory deck, you can add a FM modulated CD changer with or without the upgrades that I recomended in the above.

There are dozens of options that you can do to improve the sound in your car but what I stated in the above is for someone that is wanting to stay within a budget.

doing a CD player, amplifier, driver replacement, adding subwoofer will greatly enhance your sound. As far as recomending brands and model numbers, the choice is endless and is determined by your budget and taste.
warning dash speakers 3 1/2 suck even with a bass blocker on them, i need components cause im sick of wasting money on 3 1/2 but then again i listen to my music very loudly.
best thing i did was to get my 6X9's out of my monte and put them in. i get real real good bass untill i turn it up loud. my bigest mistake with this car is that i put 3½'s. i never knew that tweeters were in the dash. oh well the delco's are going back in.

my system so far consists of the kenwood KDC-MP0817 and 6X9's

i'm prolly going components and 1 10" solo with a 600 amp.
Thanks Guys!

and you as well AudioWizard!

I think I'll do the 6x9's first....I'll go with a 3 way of some kind and an adapter kit.

Never even thought about that :eek:

I'd replace the front speaker first. The stock ones are REAL bad. Get some good 3 1/2's with caps on them and go from there. The change in sound will be very good. You need to build the front stage first. The idea of 6x9's and sound coming from the back went out with the Lava lamp and tie-dyes. When you go to a concert or listen to your home stereo you face the speakers - the sound comes to you from the front not the back.
Sir Tomas
Since you have the Concert II option, you can pop the door panels off to remove speaker covers and remove the bulky black carpeting off of grill covers and re-cover them with grill cloth to get more energy from the door speakers. Its an inexpensive trick to get a little more sound out of the doors without breaking the bank.