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What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
ive been a member for a long time now, since 99. i just changed my user name so thats why i dont have many post and all. I love this board and all the help it is giving people but i wish there where more people posting and more topics being posted and answered. I wish our hot air section could be like the general tech for teh 86-87 cars. i know there alot more 86-87 cars out there but hell. anyways im going to try to post more often to try to help people out and what i think. anyways just wish the hotair section could be better. its crazy how the general tech gets so many post in one day and hopw fast peoples question are answered. well all and all its a great site and i love the help thanx guys


There were some 30,000+ 86/87 cars made, and.....

8000-10,000 Hot-Air cars made.....Figure about 1/2 of those cars have been switched over...crashed, or Junked....and we are down to a few thousand......

what it all comes down to is there arn't many Hot-Air guys around to answer Tech I guess we have to make the best of the few Hundred (if there are that many) Hot-Air people who post!

Our cars are only getting more rare!
I think the hot air cars may be the most underrated cars around.
Look here its a grand national with leather seats and rarer than any intercooler GN yet it is being given away. Alot of these cars are being modified with the original parts lost. I will bet that in 10 years a stock hot air Buick Regal will be worth a fortune because they will be so rare.

I have been looking for a TR for years recently I noticed the prices going up. Generally a rust free 86-87 goes for $7K to $8K
while a similiar 84/85 goes for $2K to $4K.
I recently bought a hot air car because I couldn't justify paying $5000 more for an intercooled car. I think a can put my 84 into the mid 13's for $3000. I don't need to go any faster than that. These cars are nice because of the ride, styling, handling, and straightline performance.
Hot air cars

I agree kysard.
I must have owned and driven at least twenty different cars over the past 40 years, mostly V/8's. Only car I purchased new was 1981 Cutlass and like most of the other cars it was a V/8.
Then after three years of searching the internet I found a 1985 GN. It was in rough shape but had a new paint job. Nevertheless even in rough shape it accelerated faster and handled better than ANY car or truck I have ever driven. Amazing performance from an old Buick! I still marvel at it and now that I have it roadworthy I drive it everyday, I have had strangers on the street criticize me for driving such a nice car ! He thought it should be locked up somewhere I guess, not me I do not believe in garage queens. Long live hot airs :)
im not biased on hot or cool air...yea i know i converted mine but i couldnt turn up the deal i now have around $7000 total in my car including buying it and im looking to push it in the 10's this summer so i had too.

i will be joining the hot-air ranks again once i figure out what i want to put my hotair motor in... its still in the garage with all the stuff to put it in another car just cant for the life of me figure out what to put it in.

im really consitering two options one is to put it in my 86 442 or to go the lite route and put it in a first generation rx-7 to use as a daily driver either way.

if i put it in the olds i will be trying to finish my quest to break the 12's seeing as its pretty much the same car with the same options it sould run the same as it did in my ttype.

or i could do the rx-7 and have it run low 12's or even push it into the 11's and get killer gas mileage ....:confused:

im about to walk out and look on my wireing harness now so i can answer the tach hookup question cause looking at my 87 harness for a while now i've forgot were the wire was myself.