Using 30 lb. injectors with a TA33 turbo


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Jul 8, 2001
I know that the majority of you guys who are running the TA33 turbo have upgraded to the 36 or 37 lb injectors but, I would like to know how many of you with the TA33 are running the stock or 30 lb. injectors. Also, if you are running a TA33 with the stock or 30 lb injector what problems do you have?

When i called john craig at Limit Engineering, i asked him specifically if the stock injectors would work with the ta33. He said yes they will. Later in the conversation he didn't say it directly, but i came to the conclusion that the stock injectors would probably suffice if you aren't going to run higher than stock boost, but if you are going to end up turning it up, which most end up doing, larger injectors are probably a good idea. It's relatively cheap insurance to prevent detonation. I cannot tell you from experience how well the stockers will work with the ta33 however, as i decided to get larger injectors after talking to john, and have not yet run my current combo.
If you are going to turn up the boost, you really need to "turn up the octane" more than injector if your injectors are good. Lots of guys make the mistake of "turn up the boost/turn up the fuel pressure" and never run anything higher than 90 octane and kill the headgaskets/pistons. You can still knock from running too rich. (there is one guy here who has done this to 3 engines so far) If FuzzyGN is online, he will know exactly who I am talking about.:D
I run aftermarket 30# injectors with my TE33. I do have a knock problem above 12 psi tho. So what Craig said was correct. As long as I keep the boost down its OK.

FYI: I am upgrading to 009's shortly and gonna get some high octane gas and see what kind of boost/times I can do. G'luk!
Thanks for the info guys. It appears that stock (or 30 lb.) injectors are OK as long as I keep the boost at stock (12 lbs. or less) levels. More boost requires larger injectors.

Too close to stock...

I would not recomend going with 30's.. simply on the fact that they are so similar to stockers that you might as well not even change them. Only logical reason I would go with them is if your stockers are trashed AND your getting them for a steal deal. Trust me, I've been thru 3 sets of injectors, 36's, 38's and I'm finally happy with my 50's. The car idles/runs better with the 50's than they did with anything else, even my perfectly good stockers. I'm not saying that you should go with something as big as 50's but if you have ANY plans of turning the wick up in future than save your money on the 30's any buy something bigger. It is better to have to much inj and run a lower fuel pressure then to be pegging the knock guage all day long. With the chips we have today there is really no excuse not to go with something a little larger that what you 'think' you'll need. In the past there were few chip gurus who could make a decent chip for big inj on the street but now it's no problem. I would recomend 009s or at the very least 38's.

A liittle cushion is always better then not enough I say.

ATEAV8GN, thanks for the reply. This brings me to another question do any of you guys know of any chip maker who burns chips for use with the high flow (36 lbs. and greater) injectors and the stock 84/85 ECM. I am think about swapping to an 86/87 ECM in the future but buying the TA33 and larger injectors are going to cost $$$$$$ and I would like to stay with the 84/85 ECM for now. If that is possiable.
Let me say that I beleive in having as big an injector as possible. But I have a buddy here in town who ran 30# injectors for years in his noninnercooled HotAir GN. Matter of fact, he went as quick as 11.9's at around 115 with the 30 #er's. It's all in the tuning. He finally went to 009's last year.
You can go high 11's on stockers. Unless you are going low 12's, then there is no need to replace injectors. Injectors are based on horsepower they will support. Many intercooled cars have gone into the 11's with stockers, why do the nonintercooled cars need 50's to go mid 12's?
Id like to know this as well, cuz i dont wanna purchase another set of injectors

well im not sure yet, but i think i have about a 12.8 - 13 second hair dryer Regal.

i have the 36ers with the t33c turbo.
i was thinking about buying the spearco kit, cuz its time to step uP.

do you think i could use the 36ers with the addition of the Spearco or would it be safe to go with the 009s ???

id like to save myself a hassle and about 325 for a chip and injectors lol

any thoughts?
John at Casper's elc did mine.

John burned me a chip about 3 years ago a BG for my stock 84 comp with 36 blue tops. That's what I currently run and just installed the 87 turbo.
My decision

Thanks to everyone who replied. I have decided to go with a TA33, a set of 37 lb/hr Delphi injectors, and a custom burned chip from Joe at PTE for my stock '84 GN ECM.

You can go high 11's on stockers. Unless you are going low 12's, then there is no need to replace injectors. Injectors are based on horsepower they will support. Many intercooled cars have gone into the 11's with stockers, why do the nonintercooled cars need 50's to go mid 12's?

The hot air cars need larger injectors because the air charge is much hotter than intercooled, and hot air and boost = detonation. By adding the extra fuel it makes it harder to detonate wich inturn becomes a more stable mixture. Also mthe extra fuel cools the combustion chamber. That is why you will see the faster hot airs running alchohol. It burns much cooler than gas.
what are 009's ? whats the hr/lb rate on that ? i see everyone saying 30's 37's 42.5 50's but what does 009 mean ? thanx
SIX2GO, Joe Lubrandt will have you together with the chip burning. However............
FWIW I would switch to the 86/87 ECM as soon as you can. If you can do it before getting the chip, it will save you on wasting $ on a chip that you wont be able to use when you finally do change over.
After hooking up my TLink on a fellow '84 owners stock car a couple weeks ago and seeing how pitiful the lack of info given was..... its a no brainer that any 84/85 I put together in the future will get the swap right away. I did mine before I even had the car all the way together, so I never saw first hand how bad the data (or lack of) was with a scantool.
The swap is just too easy and CHEAP, and you can do it yourself. I wound up changing the guy's ECM a couple days later in about 30 minutes max. ECM = $10 from the junkyard, MAT sensor & plug (so check engine light doesnt come on) = FREE, wire = had plenty already laying around. The following week the guy got a Scanmaster (couldnt use with the old ECM) and rapidly is on his way tuning and improving the car much easier. There are instructions over at for this swap. However, the job is much easier than it may at first seem in the instructions. Read through it, you really dont have to pick through wiring harnesses, etc. to accomplish what you need. Just need the ECM part #1227148 (Ive found several in several different front wheel drive vehicles), the MAT and its plug, and cut/take a ECM plug from the car in the junkyard so you can use one of its pins for the installation (mise well just take the plugs with the ECM you get; cut back far enough so you have a bit of wire for an easy splice).
Use a length of wire to extend the MAT plug wires from the air cleaner to your current ECM. One wire from the MAT sensor splices with ground wire D-12 (black wire)pin location at your ECM. The other MAT wire (this is where you use a pin from the plug that you got from the junkyard) insert into pin C-11 (tan). Plug the 87 ECM in. Use the cal-pak (will read either 16036503 or 16036504 on it) from your 84 ECM and a 87 chip, and your done. EASY. [Solder your connections].
Just my 2cents :)
thanx for clearing that up for me so now runniing009s ait a ta33 turbo is a good combo 2 thumbs up ? or what else is needed for that ? also using that combo 009s and ta33 what kidn of times can that really push u into thats what i really wanna know
I've got the ta-33 and 36# injectors. You can see my times in my signature. I still have not really got it tuned. The track was so crowded last time that I only got 3 runs and my computer won't work for the turbo link.
P.S. XXNinga I will probably be selling my spearco intercooler. the motor for my 87 is just about done and I'm going to need some more money to finish it. I really need to sell the whole car, but I'll probalby be better off selling some of the mods first.