Vacumm Leak?


May 29, 2001
i hear this whisler noise at/or around throttle body how can verify if i have a vacumm leak, just replace lifters,timming chain,now i notice smoke every time i start the engine it never smoke before:( :confused: what it could be ? my vacumm gague reads 13 in drive- and 20 in park i have no scan to verify my numbers please help thanks pete

How about this? Buy a can of starting fluid with a nozzle. Spray around the suspected area and see if the eng. rpm increases.
If you are talking about a tb gasket leak, and what he mentioned doesn't work--then, while the engine is running try to tighten the tb bolts and see if the idle changes, even if it doesn't seal, at least you know what it is. Just be sure and not overtighten.