vacuum leaks

Can somebody tell me where the trouble spots are for vacuum leaks on top of the throttle body and such and where ever else?

My boost gauge died, and when I checked it with my compressor by shoving a hose onto it it does work.

I thought the vacuum tube going to the passenger side firewall was also leaking somehow maybe? but that appears solid and not leaking?

Where else to check?

Also, where can I get new vacuum rubber hoses off the top of the dog house incase they are rotted?
Basically with the age of these cars check them all. I changed every one on my car because when I would put a vacuum pump on the line they were almost all bad.

The heat under the hood makes them hard and they just dryrot. If you tocuh them and your hand is black that is another sign.
if you have the aluminum vacuum block then unscrew the ports and put some thread locker and screw them back in. all of these leak vacuum and boost!!!!!!
The egr stem and base gasket, aftermrket vac bloc fittings as mentioned, check valves, vac lines, the hard plastic vac line get brittle with age, a/c head unit inside ported vac switch, etc

I have noticed the discoloration on my intake next to EGR during my leak search, it looks like itsa leakin so im gonna replace gasket today and continue my search:frown:
grommet -

Replacing the pcv valve and gromet becuase they were both crap, the grommet accidentally fell into the intake on top of the valley pan?????

Can I just leave it sit there or is there any cause for major concern? I cannot reach it or see it.

At least ya didnt drop your keys in.

I removed EGR today after work, gasket=crap and It looks like the valve is binding which could be main cause of my rough idle but im still troubleshootin the hebrew way until my scanmaster arrives