Valve body identification


Sep 7, 2021
I grabbed this 200 for not a whole lot, claims of being "rebuilt", and good for "650 hp". Having a non-200 specific, general rebuilder shop tag on it, I have/had low expectations, and flat do not buy a 650 hp claim...maybe with 400 lb ft. Popped the pan this morning, and it does appear to still be as new as it's rebuild, came with a d5 that I won't be using. My question is, is there any way to I.D. a valvebody aside from the paint marks? This one was cleaned up, assumedly during the repop, so any of that is gone. All I find is an "AG" cast into it, and it appears to be missing a pressure switch required for our cars. It has only one pressure switch and the tcc solenoid in it. I could see the super servo cover on it, and it looked "new in miles but sat around", so I grabbed it figuring it a good core if nothing else. Appreciate any input