Valve seals

Steve V

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Jan 5, 2004
I am looking for some place to buy valveseals that have the spring on top of them. Not the Felpro replacements. These are the type my machine shop uses. He's 1.5 hrs each way so it's easier the buy on line and ship.

My research leads me to believe seals fron a 2000 5.3 gen II V8 will work. Can any of you engine gurus confirm.
Stock ls1 seal have a spring base/locator built into them,aftermarket ls1 seals for dual springs press onto the guide and no locator. dimensions are .500 guide with 8mm stem hole.patriot # is 8414. don't buy comp seals
Yes my guides have been cut down. Thanks for all the info. I will get some coming.;)