Valvetrain pieces needed


Narrow A$$ Racing
May 30, 2001
I need two shafts and retainers for a set of TandD rollers for stage 2 heads. Anybody have any they want to unload? Thx
I just have about 50 extra rockers arms and only enough shafts to make 2 sets:) Im just going to package it all up and send it to T&D and tell them to make as many sets as they can out of them:)
I can relate geno. Bought a box full of em one year at BG.
You guys that get to go to the big event kill me:( Like i told Dave Green....When i ran four 9,s on my stock block it was me my wife and a friend at the track:( Not one other buick there and not one person even noticed(Accept the tec guy that bounced me out) LOL
I sure wish i could race with all those guys back east..:cool: