Vapor canister purge valve replacement


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Is there a vapor canister solenoid purge valve available that replaces the original equipment or a suggested vapor canister setup that can be substituted for the OEM. 1986 Grand National.
It's a rather simple solenoid and they rarely go bad, I would just source a used plug and play unit from a reputable used part vendor on this site.
Just my .02.
Can this vapor canister be deleted. I removed mine because I needed room. Order a 3” MAF pipe also 3 1/2 “ MAF sensor. Now everything fits. The situation is now I have no place to put the unit. And now my fuel vent line is open to the atmosphere. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas
I"m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these , like many other parts , are getting very hard to find , after being discontinued . I see that Walker is starting to make a lot of new remakes of the OEM stuff . You could also PM me for the two that I have listed for sale here, if you'd like ? :sneaky:
I believe that there are threads here about removing them entirely, but the CA. ( or other States ) Smog guys will not pass it without one.
You could put a filter at the end of the vapor canister line & vent it into the atmosphere.

Or you could relocate the whole canister assembly into the DS fender well just behind the signal lights. Pretty common mod.
Sorry about my earlier Reply . I Totally miss read your Question ? :oops:
I'm glad you got the correct answer.
I’ve heard people are stealing these cars. I’m thinking about installing a kill switch. My question is where can eye hide it inside the car? Either I’m going to kill fuel or spark which ever easy to run wiring
There are numerous options. From kill switches, column guards, unplugging the ECM power plug by the battery etc….
Check out

You could have a RAVELCO system installed, or there’s the poor mans pass key set-up.

In 2022 there are also cheapish tracking options. Air tags, hiding a cheap cell phone with GPS, GPS trackers with fences.

You have a lot of options you have to choose what works for you.
You can also search on here for ideas & things other people have used.
Thanks for responding and with great helpful information. Let me now research what will work for me appreciate you sir
Gentlemen I’m looking for a K&N filter that will fit 3 1/2 MAF sensor. I ordered and received a 4” omg it swallowed the sensor and is super long. Sending it back. Does anyone know where I can find one. Length 13 to 14” eye removed my vapor canister to make room😔