vehicle speed sensor questions


Jun 22, 2001
How accurate is this sensor? Anyone know where i can get some detailed information?

I was thinking that if it was very accurate, and has a fast enough refresh time ( would think they are constant), i could make a program that woudl essentially be the same thing as a g-tech pro using about $5 in materials.
One problem you'll face using velocity & time for calculations would be tire spin. If the speedometer runs up to 70 mph for about 2 seconds at the beginning of a test, how will your device figure out how far the vehicle has actually travelled?

The G-tech can get away with tire spin because it's monitoring acceleration and time. When tire spin occurs, you reduce forward acceleration, and the proper speed and distance can be deduced.
Well, in that case, are there any types of cheap accelerator sensors out there? i guess it would be a lot cooler if it could be a portable deal. It would be nice to have something like this in Wyoming for all of my friends, and it would be fun to say I actually made one.