venturi style fuel hanger for buicks


May 4, 2005
Has anyone thought about this design used in our cars? I think it's a really good setup and could almost eliminate fuel starvation. Yeah I know it could be solved by just running at least a half a tank of gas, but wouldn't it be a lot nicer to just have the problem fixed, especially with aftermarket fuel tanks which most of us have.
I don't know what a Venturi style hanger is but I will mention something I learned a few weeks ago doing some tank work.
I was replacing the pump sock and right before I dropped the assembly back in the tank I grabbed a precision paint stirring stick and did a depth measurement.
Turned out the Buick's hanger located the bottom of the sock well over 1/2" off the baffle. Loosely using the dimensions of the tank, that's about 1.82 gallons that it just can't reach. Not to mention 1/2" of additional pump cooling when the tank is low.
When I backed down the driveway the car was sputtering as I ran out as much gas as I could. I lowered the pump, and drained 1.5 gallons out before reinstalling the tank. Without adding any gas my fuel pressure was rock solid on the test drive.
The shorthand of it is that the pump sits inside a container and pulls fuel like any other normal pump. Only thing different is that there's another tiny port next to the main port on the pump that basically fills the container, thus keeping the pump submerged and stays cool. I THINK that is what it does, don't quote my on that.